Why did we start Camicities?

Camicities was initiated as an idea to change the typical t-shirt souvenirs that we find in our beloved Barcelona, but also in plenty of cities that we use to visit and love.

Did it ever happen to you that a friend brings you a t-shirt souvenir from his last trip, a t-shirt with a low quality textile, plastic and rigid type of print, and a fit that you will never wear? So you keep in the wardrobe forever?

Similarly, don't you want to express your love for your favourite cities, a t-shirt that you want to wear because has a good fit, with a soft and comfortable fabric, and a modern design print that explains your beloved city in different, creative way?

This is why we started to develop Camicities, an iconic collection of city t-shirts you want to wear and express your love for design and your favourite world cities.

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